Who I am
My name is Tom and I started my YouTube channel, TJump, in order to demonstrate how effective my approach is at debunking arguments for the existence of a God at all levels from casual apologetics to professional philosophers and cosmologists.

The primary motivation to start this channel had to do with the fact I wrote an epistemology (theory of knowledge) and model of objective morality, which I’ve been cultivating throughout the years. They are not specifically related to religious apologetics, however serendipitously the field of religious apologetics happens to touch on all of the relevant topics of my model by offering arguments which are category errors between each of the three tiers of knowledge that outline my epistemology. 1. Conceptual, 2.Empirical, and 3. Metaphysical. In addition, religious apologetics presents a model of morality grounded in a God belief which I can use to contrast my own and demonstrate how my model of morality is superior to those offered by religious belief.

And so, I decided to start by inviting some of the academic theologians whom I respect to have intellectually stimulating and relevant conversations about the arguments and evidence for the existence of a God, and share them with you.

My goal by doing this is to gain enough popularity and support to garner the interest of larger publication companies to publish my model, which I have written in the form of a book. I’ve been interviewing major academics and scholars from fields like Philosophy, Cosmology, Biology, as well as popular theologians on the various topics related to the existence of a God. All of the work has been done by me to the date. I manage the channel; contact new guests; keep in touch with guests; prepare the interviews; do, record, and edit the interviews; upload and schedule them; manage the social media (Facebook and Twitter). Each interview takes a lot of time to prepare, since I want to make them as relevant and stimulating as possible. I reread books and articles from each guest; read new materials; watch talks, interviews, conferences, podcasts, and all sorts of media they’ve appeared on; prepare the interview from beginning to end. I would say that I dedicate tens of hours to most interviews, from preparation to final product. The best way to increase the quality and quantity of my content is simply through crowdfunding. I hope to grow my channel further, but I do not expect to earn much revenue via AdSense. It’s nowhere near what’s needed for me to justify keeping up with all this work in the long run. I’m investing my savings on this project, and I’m working full time doing so. I would also like to be able to invest in new recording equipment and software and hire someone who can work with video, audio, image editing, as well as social media management to help me improve the technical side of what I’ve been doing. The technical part is certainly my weakest element, and I would like to improve it with your help. In addition, if/when I manage to get a publisher interested in my book.

Also, I would need the revenue to support myself while working on this full time. If you enjoy and value my content I hope you will consider supporting my work. Thank you for taking the time to view my page.
Further Goals:
Publish academic papers on solving problems in these fields
Become President of the United States
Solve worlds biggest problems
World domination

​Here is an interview I had where I talk about my experience and past